What’s a ‘Covfefe’? Donald Trump tweeted a message either incorrectly or a way to disguise something else.

Best and Worst Donald Trump Tweets and Twitter Rants

As we all know, Twitter is a social networking site that is not only used by ordinary individuals but it also a platform utilized by celebrities, famous brands, and politicians. One of the users of Twitter is Donald Trump who is the president of the United States today.

Donald Trump is the 45th Head of State of the United States but even he is the president of a powerful country, he is also one of the people who is being bashed on the social media mostly on Twitter because of his worst tweets and rants that surely bring citizens to total disappointments.

On the other hand, Donald Trump also has best tweets and twitter rants that you can somehow appreciate and may look like he is another person.

Best Tweets of Donald Trump

  • When he reminded girls who are below 18 years old should block @RapWeiner instantly which he said is a pervert.
  • When he tweeted Katy Perry about her marriage with Russel brand. Well, he only said that Russel Brand is a waste.
  • When he’s updated about celebrity breakups like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s break-up. He tweeted that Robert should not take Kristen Stewart back because of her cheating.

These are some best tweets that Donald Trump has tweeted which some people appreciate it.

Worst Tweets of Donald Trump

No matter how best the tweets of Donald Trump could be, some of these are just over the board and mostly, it has been infuriating some of the users on Twitter.

  • During the Golden Globes Ceremony for 2017, Meryl Streep, a famous and talented actress judged Donald Trump and he used Twitter to rant. Donald Trump has called Meryl Streep overrated.
  • Racist tweets. Donald Trump is known for his racist remarks and his tweets are proofs of it. He tweeted that violent crimes are being committed by Hispanics and blacks.
  • When he attacked Barack Obama on Twitter. He tweeted that if Barack Obama resigns now from the office, he will give him a lifetime golf in any of his courses. And Donald Trump ranted that Obama is the worst president ever and predicted that Obama will do something stupid to show his manhood.
  • Downgrading other people because of IQ. This is one of the worst tweets of Donald Trump where he ranted that he is sorry for those losers and haters because his IQ is the highest and everyone knows it. Continued on the tweet is that, losers and haters should never feel insecure or stupid because it is not their fault.
  • Trump on Negative News: It is Fake News. He tweeted that all negative news about him, especially from ABC, CNN, and NBC, are fake news. The good ones are not.

These are the best and worst tweets and rants of Donald Trump on Twitter that you should know.

Donald Trump is someone who can stir the emotions of everyone especially when he starts to rant on twitter. He often tweets rants that are too much to handle that even celebrities are commenting about it.

The New York Times Has put together The First 100 Days –reporters are taking a look back at the beginning of the Trump presidency — from the biggest news stories to the most provocative tweets.

They broke down all Twitter posts into 10 themes:

Undermining Obama (15 tweets)

Raising Alarm (40)

Serving as Spin (101)

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